21 Facts About Me


Hello World!
I’m back with something new today. I figured since we are just getting to know each other I’d let you guys know a little bit more about myself. My intentions for this blog is to be open and have my visitors feel uplifted, safe, and happy when they stop by, sort of like when you stop by a friends house and you end up laughing and talking the day away. I try my best as a human to be non-judgmental and accept those as they are, because I definitely know what it feels like to be judged and not accepted. I am not afraid to say that I am a work in progress because everyday I learn new things to make me a better human being. I do know we shouldn’t fear each others differences, we should celebrate them. Each of our uniquenesses is what makes the world a beautiful and interesting place to live in, so I’m sharing twenty-one facts about myself that make me …well me!! I’d love to hear some things about you as well!! Comment below to share!
1. I’m 34 years old as of today.
2. I’m married
3.  As of yet I have no children
4. I am a dog lover/owner
5. I was born in El Paso, TX and was raised in Detroit, MI, now I live right outside of Atlanta, GA
6. Last time I checked I had an IQ of 120
7. I chopped most of my hair off a little less than a year ago. It reached my lower back before I cut it off.
8. I have naturally curly hair.
9. I love makeup.
10. I am a self professed geek/nerd.
11. I have horrible vision. I mostly wear contacts, but I will wear glasses on occasion.
12. I played the cello starting at the age eight and stopped in my early 20’s. (I was pretty good too!)
13. I cry on Disney and Pixar movies. Never fails.
14. Favorite Food .. Mexican or Italian or Asian..it doesn’t matter I love all food as long as it’s tasty.
15. If I really like a book, I’ll read it in a day, no problem.
16. I am a Netflix junkie.
17. I didn’t learn how to scramble eggs until I was about 24. Now I’m a pro.
18. I rarely post on social media i.e. Facebook, but I do lurk all day. Modern day soap opera.
19. I curse like a sailor.
20. I only have one tattoo. Its on the inside of my left wrist and says “This too shall pass”.
21. I love old musicals like “The King and I”, “The Easter Parade”, and basically anything with Fred Astaire in it. I watched them with my grandmother growing up.


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